I Wish I Had a River

Another weekend has come and gone. As usual, I’m getting the post-weekend blahness. We spent the weekend just driving around to visit thrift stores and antique markets in search for even more vintage cameras, resulting in a Russian 35mm camera called Prinzflex 500 and a box camera called Anscoflex II, which still has yet to arrive in the mail (Troy sniped it for me on eBay — he’s the master of eBay sniping, heh). It was a good weekend. I hope yours was a good one, too.

Troy and I had known each other online for about 4 years before we met in person. We got married here in Waterloo on the first anniversary of our real-life meeting. Well, these Indonesian couple got married after several months of online courtship, and they’ve never even met each other! They had an online wedding, which apparently, is legal in Indonesia. The ceremony only cost them $20.30. I hope they won’t end up hating each other when they finally met.

A 20-year-old California Institute of Technology student set a new world record for solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle in 11.13 seconds. I was actually tempted to pick up a Rubik’s Cube from a thrift store this past weekend just so that I could try out this Rubik’s Cube Solver thingamajig, but I didn’t. Probably for the best.

According to a research, Internet users make up their minds about the quality of a website in only 50 milliseconds. If people think a website look good, they’ll likely to find the quality of the content to be as good. It’s called the halo effect. Now I wonder how many of my readers are affected by it. Hrm.

Speaking of websites, have you taken the Web Standards Quiz? I haven’t designed any websites in ages so I’ve forgotten some stuff and only scored a sad, 75% in the quiz. I found all that AJAX stuff very confusing. Oh well. At least I still remember what CSS stands for.

Troy told me that if I answered the phone and the person on the other end didn’t say anything as soon as I said hello, it’s more than likely that the call was made by a telemarketer and that I should just hang up. That’s the anti-telemarketer technique I’ve been using. But someone has another technique that involves more work and more talking on the phone, which means I probably wouldn’t do it. Though if you’re really, really bored, you might want to do it, just for a kick. It could be funny.

And the silly game of the day is Dance Dance Gabba Goat. It’s like Dance Dance Revolution, but with a goat. Press the corresponding arrow key as soon as the arrow appears in the circle on top of the goat. And that’s all there is to it, really. It might sound lame, but it’s actually fun. Just play it!

Now I’m going to cook an Indonesian fish cake dish that I really, really miss. It’s called Pempek Palembang. I’m supposed to use some local Indonesian fish called Tenggiri, but instead I’m going to use some Alaskan Pollock. All fish taste the same to me anyway. Fishy, that is.

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  1. I was surprised that the web standards quiz was timed. I got 16/20, for a score of 555. It said I was on the hall of fame but the last spot on the hall of fame was occupied with someone who had 556. Boo.

  2. Jordan: I finished taking the quiz in 6 minutes or so. Not fast enough for the hall of fame. Heh.
    Troy: I just had to fix your typos. 😛

  3. Hmmm. I wonder how those two internet married lovers are going to immigrate from one country to the other. I bet it would be difficult to fill out the immigration questionnaires.

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