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The theme for today’s links is randomness, because I don’t think I could link one item to another. Okay, so randomness is already everyday’s theme. Shush.

According to the Journal of Infectious Diseases, after reaching Moscow in 1812, Napoleon’s Grande Armee was not really finished off by hunger, battle wounds, and low morale, but rather by Pediculus humanus, also known as the human louse. On a not-so-related note, when we were visiting an old French fortress in Nova Scotia, we were told that French soldiers at the time only bathed once or twice a year and therefore didn’t really have much of a love life.

Speaking of love lives, they can be pretty costly, especially if you live in South Korea because, apparently, the country has up to 21 gift-giving anniversaries, special days, and celebrations a year for couples. I guess you have to be filthy rich to really observe all of them. Not if you were dating me, though. I’d be happy enough to get a cheap camera from a thrift store every single time. 😉

Cheerleaders, take notice! Cheerleading injuries are on the rise. So go join the football team instead. It should be safer since you’ll get to wear all sorts of body protectors. Pom poms and mini skirts just don’t cut it. Don’t tell me there is no female football teams because that would be sexist.

I came across Sun Kil Moon’s “Neverending Math Equation” MP3 while browsing The Camera As Pen’s 2005 in review (week by week) entry this past weekend. I played the song for us and Troy said, “Hey, that’s a Modest Mouse song!” (or something to that effect). Well, I just found today that that song actually came from their whole album of Modest Mouse covers called Tiny Cities. Cool. I’d get the album just to listen to their version of “Ocean Breathes Salty”. Sun Kil Moon is Mark Kozelek’s new band. Mark Kozelek is better known as the Red House Painters frontman.

I don’t really understand all the hype surrounding Web 2.0 because I already take the fact that the WWW is everchanging for granted, but still I know enough about it to score 6/10 in the Web 2.0 quiz, which I’m quite happy about.

Stack Trace is a simple but challenging flash game. All you have to do is remove plates which are not overlapped by other plates by clicking them. My current high score is 3012, but I WILL get better. Just watch this space. 😉

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  1. Korean holidays are nutty. I celebrated my 100-dayiversary with my girlfriend a while ago. Recently one of my friends announced he’d been with his girlfriend 1000 days. How do you count that??
    Dating is a real minefield in Korea, which explains why so many Koreans are so inexperienced, and why the birthrate is so low.
    The worst week for me is our one-year anniversary (April 18) and my girlfriend’s birthday (April 20).
    Also, Peppero is more commonly known as Pocky (but don’t say that to a Korean). That holiday is seriously intense in Korea.

  2. I was expecting you to say that it was a whole lot of crap for some reasons.
    So it is true, eh?
    Nutty indeed.
    This tool should help you find out when your 1000-dayiversary will be. 😛

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