I’m a Film Hoarder

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Isn’t it ironic now that I have a boatload of film to burn, I don’t feel like shooting film at all? I do keep getting tempted to pick up one of my TLR cameras, but I guess the temptation is not really that great because I never actually did.

In addition to the boatload of expired print film I picked up from a camera show awhile ago, I picked up a brick of expired slide film (Kodak Ektachrome E100SW — could’ve picked up some Fuji Velvia but I didn’t because I’m a Kodak kind of girl) for a dollar each this past weekend, thanks to a tip from a Flickr contact. The idea was to get into cross-processing, but to get a slide film cross-processed, I would have to go to Toronto if I don’t want to break the bank as my regular photolab charges a fortune and a half for it. We only go to Toronto once or twice a year. And we already passed our Toronto quota for this year, meaning this cross-processing idea is actually not very feasible. But I digress.

So, we’re going to go to yet another camera show on Sunday. The guy from whom we bought the boatload of print film in the last camera show might be there, but unless he has my beloved but discontinued Kodak UltraColor 120 film on his table, I don’t think I’d pick up any more film. I have enough film to last a couple of years. But I might pick up more when we go to the camera show in the Spring. We’ll see.

While we’re on the topic of photography, I came across a site called DIY Photography this morning and it’s actually quite interesting, especially if you’re a DIY type. A couple of articles that piqued my interest were the ones that show you how to make heart-shaped (or whatever-shaped) bokeh and how to use a condom to waterproof your camera. It’s like the second best alternative use for a condom after this one.

Oooh, I just used the words photography and condom in the same paragraph. W00t!

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  1. I think their lame excuse would be that processing E6 film in C41 chemical might degrade the chemical (we all know labs reuse their chemical to death).
    My film hoarding is actually pretty close to that stage. It’s just that our fridge is bigger so it doesn’t look as impressive. :D

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