I’m the Queen of Procrastination

I'm the Queen of Procrastination

I’ve been living in Canada for more than a year but I still let the weather beat me all the time. I still haven’t got around to buying a birthday present for Troy even though his birthday is only five days away, let alone doing any Christmas shopping, because when the weather is clear, it’s so fricking cold (below -10°C) and when the temperature is a bit higher (as in higher than -10°C but lower than 0), it’s snowing heavily.

Last year I attempted to do a last minute Christmas shopping the day before Christmas day. There was a blizzard earlier that day and the snow on the ground was probably 20cm. thick. I made it to the bus stop, but the bus never did arrive (I learned later the there was a huge delay due the city streets being covered thickly with snow). After 45 minutes of waiting, I told the guy I’d been waiting for the bus with that I gave up and went back to the apartment after wishing him luck.

One would think that should teach me something, but of course I learned no lesson from that. I had plan to go out shopping today. The temperature is only -2°C, but of course it’s snowing heavily. What a queen of procrastination to do? Staying in, of course, and hoping that there won’t be any blizzard the day before Troy’s birthday. When will I learn that the weather is not going to get much better at this time of year? Probably never.

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