In 2109, my personal robot attendant will…

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Hello, 2109-you! What does your personal robot attendant do for you each day?

  • Make money.
    It doesn’t have to get a job. It just needs to be able to make something that no one can live without and therefore is highly profitable. You know, like making other personal robot attendants.
  • Do the dishes.
    I hate doing the dishes.
  • Clean the house.
    I hate cleaning, too. I wish the house would clean itself.
  • Do the laundry.
    Why not?
  • Cook.
    I wouldn’t mind searching for recipes if the robot would cook me whatever I feel like eating. Especially Indonesian food. I really don’t like cooking.

Seriously, if you had a personal robot, wouldn’t you indulge your laziness?

In 2109, my personal robot attendant will...

One thought on “In 2109, my personal robot attendant will…

  1. I want robot masseuse! Seriously I always feel guilty enjoying a good massage thinking the masseuse might be working so hard… I know, stupid but can’t help it lol

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