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Introduction to TMBG

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to They Might Be Giants is a must-read for anyone who’s never heard of They Might Be Giants (where have you been?!?). I think it was Jordan who introduced me to TMBG years ago. He suggested that I listen to Birdhouse in Your Soul and Istanbul (Not Constantinople). So I did, and I was hooked. Still am.

3 thoughts on “Introduction to TMBG

  1. If you play it to me, I should recognise it. I tend to know songs but not the title of the songs. I suck that way. :)

  2. Come now, Firda, you should know “Ana Ng.” It has one of the most infectious hooks in all of TMBGdom: “Ana Ng and I are getting old and we still haven’t walked in the glow of eachother’s majestic presence. Listen Ana, hear my words, they’re the ones you would think I would say if there was a me for you…”

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