Isn’t Life Exciting?

I’m in the middle of setting up a photolog to post pictures from and stories about my adventure in England right now, but knowing how short my attention span is, it may take a while before it’s up and running so standard disclaimer applies: don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, ever since I got to Canada, I always wake up at six in the morning, and Troy won’t wake up until at least ten on weekends (what can I say, he loves to sleep) so I always have hours to keep myself entertained in the morning. Thank goodness for broadband internet. Troy has showed me how to use his stereo set and DVD player but so far, only the computer, TV, and the kitchen have peaked my interest. And no, I haven’t cooked anything from scratch since I arrived. I’ve just been having some ready-to-cook stuff from the supermarket. Yes, I’ve been bad.

Oh, if you’ve been wondering what Firda Approved™ food products are, it’s just things that I usually have back home in Indonesia. (Anyone know any supermarket chains in Canada that actually have jasmine tea?) And dude, it’s so cold here but Troy actually finds 14°C warm. Brrrrr. But at least the air here is not as dry as it was in England. And woo, there’ll be a thunderstorm on Monday! I’m so glad the weather was fine when my plane landed. I would hate to fly in bad weather.

I think we’re supposed to be going to the zoo to see some llamas (among others) today but we’ll see. Troy still has yet to wake up. Sleepyhead. And I just had a big yawn. Should I go back to sleep?

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