It’s My Life

I haven’t posted any journal entry here for ages so I thought I’d post one today because I feel like boring you to death. I know talking about last weekend when another weekend is only a day away is kind of lame, but whatever. Last weekend was a long weekend due to the Good Friday, so on Thursday night, we went down to the boy’s ‘rents place for the weekend.

The highlight of the weekend was our trip to the Long Point Provincial Park. The park was still closed for Winter but who cares. We went in anyway. The best thing about closed parks is, you don’t have to pay any admission fee. And of course I took a lot of pictures while we were there. Click the lovely picture below for more pictures from our trip.

It's My Life

Fast forward to yesterday. I went to the mall to pick up a new spring coat because my old one is already too shabby, but after 4 hours of walking around and trying out about a dozen spring coats, all I got was the exercise. I hate how my body size is not small enough to fit L size but not big enough for XL. Anyway, I’m going to go back to the mall today and find The Spring Coat That Fits Me & My Wallet™ and I swear I’ll only spend at most 1 hour there.

This weekend we’re going to go to the monthly book sale in Dunnville and then find that spot where the Grand River meets Lake Erie (Port Maitland?) so I could take a lot of pictures, and bore the boy to death in the process. You don’t know how much I love taking pictures. I automatically turn everything I see into a photographic composition, even when I don’t have a camera with me. Yeah, I know. I’m a freakazoid.
Finally, my birthday is only six days away. hint hint At the moment, what I want, what I really, really want is a new digital camera a telescope. So I’m a geek. Just sue me. You won’t get much. It’s going to be my second birthday without my mother in this world. How I miss my mum. But at least this year I’ll get to spend it with my dearest darling boyfriend. He’s good with presents, and I love getting presents. And that’s why he’s the one for me. Hehe. :)

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  1. Firda, salam kenal dari kami, Iyan dan Heri “Potter”.
    Firda, temanku Potter mau nyambung kuliah S2 nya di Canada. Kalo boleh tau, biaya hidup disana seberapa “murah”? :D
    Cheers …

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