It’s Picture Time!

Honeymoon (2005)

Above is my most favourite picture from the whole honeymoon trip. It was taken on the ferry that took us from Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia. I like how I look so happy and how Troy is sporting what I like to call his Machu Picchu look. Nova Scotia is in the background. And yes, it was that foggy (and rainy and cold), though it got better once we landed.

Tom Selleck

Yes, that’s the paparazzi-style picture of Tom Selleck that I was talking about before, taken in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, mostly for Loba (who just got engaged to SMooSH — congrats again!). The larger version of the picture is here. It was him, really.


Troy asked me to take this picture of the brand new version of the Xbox gaming console as it was being showcased on the Halifax waterfront. I think only gamers would find it interesting. I got two comments already on this picture, though. Silly gamers! 😛

The rest of the honeymoon pictures can be found in this Flickr photoset (there are hundreds of them — be warned!), though I still have five and a half days worth of pictures left to upload. Told you I’d take a lot of pictures! Well, I’d better start editing and uploading the pictures again. Enjoy!

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  1. halo firda!
    abis dr hanimun ya, duh telat bgt aku 😛
    selamat menempuh hidup baru ya, semoga langgeng, rukun bahagia 🙂
    udah lama gak nongol di blogfam, ikut lomba 17-an yooo 🙂

  2. Now that I’ve looked at that picture more closely, I think it IS you! Wow. Why didn’t you ask us to join you?!?

  3. Congratulation on your marriage!
    Mmmm… St.John, NB… how do you like it? I was there for 3-4 (forgot the exact, hee hee) for a conference back in 2000. It was such a nice and friendly city… though at that time people kept staring at me as I was the only women in town (at that time) who’s wearing jilbab but don’t look like Arabs (hee hee… hidungnya pesek… mana ada Arab-nya? hahahaha). Oh, I miss Canada… and I love your city (Waterloo), too! Spent so many weekends there… years ago 😉

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