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Jayne Cobb’s Hat 2.0

I made another Jayne Cobb‘s cunning hat using a different pattern than the last one. This one is going to a random person on reddit as I’m participating in the reddit’s Hats and Scarves Exchange. Now let’s see if I can pull off crocheting a scarf in less than 48 hours. Worst case scenario, I just have to buy my match one, though I’d really rather make one myself. We shall see!

This is the second hat I’ve made using the posts all around ribbed hat pattern. I love the pattern so much because it makes a hat that’s warm, thick, and stretchy in addition to having a knitted look. Very versatile. The pom pom might be a little too small for the hat but it’ll have to do. As for the earflaps, I just winged it. Made them using blo (back loop only) hdc (half double crochet), which might sound like gibberish to you unless you’re a hooker, er, I mean a crocheter yourself.

I’ve gone back to wearing my old, cat’s-eye glasses again because I was tired of looking boring. I’ve always loved them. I’m just not too fond of having to push the glasses up my nose every 10 seconds. Oh to have a nose-bridgeless Asian nose! I really need to find frames that are made specifically for Asian noses. Do they even exist?

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