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La La La La Linky Dink

La La La La Linky Dink

Troy said he likes it better if I post the daily links like I did yesterday instead of in the regular links-for-today format. Since today is his birthday, his wish is my command, so I’m going to comply. Though if you guys also like this format better, I will start posting the links in this format every day. Just let me know, ‘kay?

‘Bad Santas’ wreak havoc worldwide because everyone can be a Santa as long as they have the costume and, unfortunately, not everyone is a good person.

Not everything happened this year is depressing. At least not in the world of science. Read it, and you’d see that this world we’re living in is not really all that bad after all.

British kids under 10 years old not only think that money and fame are more important than anything, they also consider Manchester United star Wayne Rooney more famous than Jesus. Kids these days. (I just added 20 years into my age by saying that.)

You don’t have to be a god of guitar to pass as one as long as you know how to pose. Though you still need to know how to play the guitar.

If you are a gaming geek, you’ll do great at the Ultimate Classic Game Quiz. I’m married to a gaming geek so I could make it to the Medium level, but not to the Hard level.

And the game of the day is Cat Burglar. Catch as many cats as possible but try not to get caught by the security guards. Silly, I know. But don’t you like silly? I know I do.

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