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So this year’s International Women’s Day was yesterday. Honestly, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I have no issues with the idea behind it. I just have issue with it being called the International Women’s Day. Why not call it the International Gender Equality Day instead? Calling it the International Women’s Day only makes women sound like sub-human. At least to me. And I find it kind of ironic. But maybe it’s just me. Anyways, I´ve been busy these past few days because I´ve been going out a lot at night, mostly because I found these online dating tips that has really helped me improve my social relationships.

Speaking of gender equality, while we were driving by the countryside last weekend, I couldn’t help but noticing that most family farms had “So-and-So and Sons” painted on the barns or the silos. None had “So-and-So and Daughters” or “So-and-So and Sons and Daughters”. I used to think that maybe it was because the farmers had no daughters, but now that I think of it, it can’t be true. So I started ranting to Troy about how daughters, given the same opportunity, would be able to run the farms just as well as the sons could. Farming takes skills and skills can be learned by anyone, regardless of their gender.

The only excuse Troy could offer that kind of makes sense to me was that those “So-and-So and Sons” signs have been around for ages, before there was such thing as gender equality. But still, some of those signs still look pretty freshly painted to me…

And then I started telling Troy that I really should start a new weblog about my various issues and that my first entry should be all about my issue with procrastination so that when I stopped updating the weblog after the first entry, the readers would know exactly why.

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  1. Nice entry! 🙂
    1st paragraph: It’s not just you. I know at least two more people! Including myself.. The whole equality thing’s just fucked up by people who identify themselves as man or woman before human individual. “We men have to take a stand for women’s rights, yada yada..” “Men control the universe, and they’re unfair to us women, yada yada” Then there’s the other camp, but they’re really all Stalin or Hitler in terms of equality.
    2nd paragraph: Not really sure it’s Troy fault – or anyone else for that matter. I really think it’s the same thing as above, gender identification before human individual identification. “When I grow up I wanna be a fireman, like my dad, yada yada” “You’ll be able to run the farm when I’m done son”
    3rd paragraph: Been there a few times! Still gotta get past that threshold everytime of seeing some meaning in anything I write, or just type my stupid stupid mind. Somehow it works “better” for comments..
    Insert a few LOLs, and that’s my thread of thought.
    Also, maybe, my opinion has something to do with me being borderline transgendered – not really being able to make up my mind if I’m a man or a woman, both, or just a generally fucked-up human. I don’t really care, I just am – either way, most people usually think I’m weird. I don’t mind – always been.
    Secondarily though, I usually identify with women – has for at least 15 of my 25 years. I have a few guesses why, but I ain’t gonna put them down now (’cause I’m too tired and haven’t thought ’em through, really).
    Thanks for keeping my brain going, Firda. Ciao!

  2. I’m a guy, and I agree with your thoughts. Having said that, when discussing why intl. Woman’s day exists I was told (quite loudly) that “Every Day is Men’s day!”, so.. I’m okay with a Women’s day, a purple people day, Black History month, left handed day, any kinda day really.

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