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Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

As a dedicated Doctor Who fan with a domain name after the Eleventh Doctor’s favourite food combo, I feel obliged to celebrate Fish Fingers and Custard Day, which happens every April 3 to commemorate the airing of the episode in which the Eleventh Doctor finds out that he loves eating fish fingers and custard. Since I’ve never had fish fingers and custard before, what better way to celebrate than to give it a try!
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Happy By The Sea

I‘m an island girl. I was born and raised on an island. I like to think that is the reason why I’m the happiest when I’m by the sea but that wouldn’t be true. Back when I was living on the island of Java in Indonesia, I’d be lucky if I got to be at the seaside once a year. At least in my adult life. And I wasn’t happy. Maybe I just didn’t see the sea enough.

My parents did take us to the beach and the seaside open-air fish market fairly often when we were kids. Man, that fish market was stinky! But we got to see a lot of interesting sea creatures albeit in a less than alive state. You know, creatures like big tuna. Big tuna does look pretty impressive for little kids (parents, take notes!). Maybe it has something to do with the good memories I have from such outings? I don’t know. There is something about the sea that makes me feel so free and happy.
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Basia Bulat, I Love You, But…

We went to our first music show of the year on Saturday night with my brother- and sister-in-law at the Casbah in Hamilton, Ontario. My brother-in-law invited us to come with them to see Basia Bulat last month. My husband said yes to him and then he told me he said yes for us and then I googled the venue and found out it was a standing-room only venue. I just knew I wouldn’t be having the greatest time of my life that night.
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Welcome to Fish & Custard!

This is my first post here at the new domain,! In case you didn’t come here from and therefore didn’t get to read what I posted there, I did something impulsive yesterday. I registered a new domain and then decided to move my blog over because:

  1. I’ve always wanted a domain name with the word “and” in it because it allows me to use an ampersand in the logo and ampersand is one of my favourite things ever;
  2. I love Doctor Who and fish fingers and custard is the 11th Doctor’s favourite food so this domain is an homage to my most favourite TV show ever; and
  3. I feel like, after 14 years, I’m finally too old to be blogging under a domain name with the word “girl” in it.

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Hey, It’s My Name! In a Magazine!

I spent all morning processing photos to go with a post about Iceland’s famous Golden Circle route, but then I got lazy and decided to go with this lazy post instead. The Golden Circle post will have to wait until next week.

So I got quoted in an issue of the North American edition of the National Geographic Traveler magazine (I always feel dirty typing traveller with only one “l” because my mummy raised me to use British English). I posted a comment on an article about how Canadians loved their Nanaimo bar in the online version of the magazine a while ago (and was later informed that it might appear in a future print issue). I have never met anyone in Canada who is passionate about Nanaimo bar. Not a single one. But everyone I know seems to love butter tarts. Hence my comment.
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The Obligatory Fourteenth Blogiversary Post

Weblog Wannabe turned 14 years old today! Happy birthday, dear old blog! My god you’re old!

There have been times when I felt like pulling the plug on the blog but I just couldn’t do it. This is where I met my husband! I know this is only a virtual place and nobody cares about this blog other than me and perhaps my husband, but it’s staying for the time being, albeit in a somewhat comatose state. I did post seventeen updates to the blog last year, mostly before our trip to Iceland. My goal this year is to post more, even if it’s only one more update than I did last year. I think it’s doable. :-)
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