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Links for 2005-01-27

  • This game reminds me of another game that I can’t remember the title of. I didn’t get to finish all 5 levels until my second try.
    (categories: flash games)
  • Bounce Bob from one platform to another. Use your mouse to aim and then left click to shoot. Cool but frustrating.
    (categories: flash games)
  • A number of interesting trivias. Did you know that most Americans’ car horns beep in the key of F?
    (categories: knowledge trivias lists)
  • I can think of a bunch of things to do with this script.
    (categories: rss php scripts)
  • A gallery of pictures of user-submitted art on hands.
  • “A mystery chemical isolated from the sweat of young women seems to act as a romance booster for their older counterparts.” That explains a lot.