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Links for 2005-02-02

  • Both the boy and I got Kip Dynamite. Probably because we met online. Still it’s kind of disturbing if you know Kip.
    (categories: quizzes movies)
  • The reason why some moments become lasting recollections while others just evaporate.
    (categories: brain research)
  • If you have to watch it tonight, playing this game might make it more interesting.
    (categories: politics humour)
  • Learn how to shuffle a deck of cards with only one hand in 21 easy steps. Impress your friends. Or something.
    (categories: cards games techniques)
  • Playing this game is pretty much like playing 5-pin bowling to me: I could never throw it straight!
    (categories: flash games)
  • An illustrated guide for my own reference because I’m a sewing dummy. Sorry if it doesn’t interest you.
    (categories: crafts sewing)

2 thoughts on “Links for 2005-02-02

  1. I’m Tater Tots from Napolian, I’m likeable, and a bit on the greasy side.
    I have to say, I conquer.

  2. hello, i just want to say congratulations for being one of the nominees in best blog 2005 :) actually i was kinda surprised when i know that actually you’re an indonesian! well, greetings from jakarta then :)
    oh, and a very nice blog too. love it so much :)

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