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Links for 2005-02-03

  • Guess the movies these frames come from. I only answered 2 correctly. But then again, I only did it quickly.
    (categories: movies games quizzes)
  • Scientist has developed a series of artificial chromosomes that will allow robots to feel lusty and could eventually lead to them reproducing.
    (categories: news research)
  • “You are You’re involved in the community. You like to share with your friends. You’re into omphaloskepsis. You like pancakes and the color blue.” Um, okay.
    (categories: random quizzes)
  • I already stopped watching Star Trek when Star Trek: The Next Generation came to an end.
    (categories: news entertainment tv)
  • The only Valentine’s Day card I ever got (from guess who!) is an “I Choo Choo Choose You” card. I didn’t know it was from the Simpsons.
    (categories: diy random)
  • It’s kind of like Bejewelled. Probably as addicting and a little more interesting.
    (categories: flash games)

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