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№ 16 – London, England

I guess I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I was there. My mother just died. She and I used to daydream about going to London together someday so being there without her was kind of depressing. I went to London by myself one day (I was staying in Wimbledon with my aunt and uncle) and I was just walking around aimlessly, feeling sad. Sat in the rain while staring at the Thames, being all emo. So yeah, not a good memory.

The picture above was taken from the London Eye. I met up with my sister-in-law and her sister one day and we did the touristy stuff around the city, including a ride on the London Eye. We got to the London Eye site early so the line up queue wasn’t super long yet. The security had to check every passenger’s bag before the ride. When the security guy found my stuffed duck Quack in my bag, he held it up, smiled, and said “quack!” Made me laugh. The London Eye ride was enjoyable but way too short, especially for the price!

I was actually in London twice that year before and after my first visit to Canada but really didn’t get to see much. We’re planning on doing a road trip around Great Britain for my husband’s 40th birthday. Hopefully I’ll get to see more of London then, since I have heard it have many places to visit and restaurants and bars, and even other adult services you can get from sites like zoomescorts.co.uk for the people who is into adult entertainment.

Addendum: Poor quality photo courtesy of a Kodak 2MP digital camera a generous reader gave me just for the trip. It served me well. In 2004 when I took this trip, most digital cameras only had 2-3MP picture quality.

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