Long Story Short

At the Book Sale

Didn’t get a new spring coat. Did pick up a new pair of pants. (Very comfortable! For only $15!) Did make it to the book sale in Dunnville. Had to go through a snow storm. Lucky enough not to end up in a ditch or to get lost. Picked up 62 books. Didn’t make it to Port Maitland due to crappy weather. Did make it to turkey dinner with SMooSH and Loba. (Very yummy! Highly recommended!) Was taught how to play Euchre but am still pretty clueless to actually play it. Couldn’t make it back to Waterloo after dinner due to crappy weather. Spent the night at the boy’s parents place. Did make it to Waterloo on Sunday.

Oh, and I sold out and put up Google Ads all over my weblog. The ads will stay here at least until I got Canadianized and can apply for a job. If you see anything you like in the ads, click it and I will get a cent. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3 thoughts on “Long Story Short

  1. Hi Bekha… did you get my email? I really hope you’ll write back. Like to hear more from you

  2. Well, most of the books are Troy’s picks. And they were only around $2.50 each. Gotta love the book sale. :)

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