Long Time No Blog

Beluga Whale

Well, it’s only been a week or so, but it’s still a long time. I guess. It’s just that I have been having blogger’s block all week. There’s only one way to break a blogger’s block: redesign! It’s been a long time coming, really. This design has been up for more than a year. I haven’t started with the redesign yet but I know it’s going to be simple. I might even do a live redesign. We’ll see tomorrow.

Anyway, I just thought I’d give you a head’s up. Later!

3 thoughts on “Long Time No Blog

  1. A new design can make even the simplest things feel new again. I like to change the template when I feel, except I only have a few to choose from.

  2. Yay to a new redesign! I think it’s the Spring air and I’ve recently did mine as well. Looking forward to taking a look!

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