Long Walk, No Opossums

Rock Point Provincial Park is located on the north shore of Lake Erie, south of Dunnville, Ontario, not too far away from Buffalo, New York. We went there on Saturday for our weekly hiking/picture-taking trip.

The park was still closed for winter and won’t be open until May. We parked right in front of the gate and soon I realised that we might have to take a long walk to get to the lake. I was right. We didn’t see any signs of the lake until we walked for a couple of kilometers into the park. We were supposed to be able to see some opossums there but alas, we didn’t see any. All we saw was lots and lots of shells, fossils embedded in limestone, and driftwood. The only animals we saw other than the tiny little fish inside some puddles along the beach were two Canadian geese, a few butterflies, a snake, a number of birds, and plenty of bugs.

As we walked along the beach to get a better view of the lighthouse on Mohawk Island, we could hear the annoying sound of an ATV breaking the silence every now and then. We even passed the guy driving the offending vehicle. If the park was officially open, I’m sure there wouldn’t be any beach buggy all over the place, which would be nice, but then we’d probably have to pay admission fee to get into the park, which wouldn’t be nice. Hehe.

Anyway, Rock Point is obviously no Rockwood but it’s not really the worst place I’ve ever been. If anything, I still managed to take some pretty pictures. As we walked back to where we parked, we saw another place closer to the lake where we could’ve parked. If we ever go there again, we’d definitely park there. The long walk was really the worst part of the trip!

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