Look! An Update!

<sing>All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…</sing>

Actually, no. I haven’t even started packing, but I’ve finally got all the visas I need in hand. I am now an ecstatic holder of UK and Canada multiple entry visas. Yippeee! In less than a week, I’ll be in England to visit my aunt and uncle, and in two weeks, I’ll be in Canada to annoy the hell out of Troy with my antics. Fun! :) And thanks to Rachel, I now have a cool digital camera that I’m going to use to visually share my adventures with you. Aren’t you excited? ;)

Well, I’m dead tired after running around all day trying to get everything done for my trips so off to bed I go! If I owe you an email, I’ll try to get back to you before I leave Indonesia on Tuesday. Until then, take care and be good!

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