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Look Who’s Knitting Now!

According to Google Analytics, the majority of my blog readers are males between the age of 18 and 34 whose main interest is sports. With that knowledge in mind, let me tell you about my brand new skill: knitting! Because here at Fjords & Firths, we happily cater to the wrong demographic.

I can’t remember when I had my first attempt to learn how to knit. Must’ve been two or three years ago, and I kept coming back to it once or twice every year since, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Anyway, the stars and planets must’ve aligned perfectly to my advantage last week when I decided to give knitting another try, because I finally got it!

If you wish to learn how to knit, I’d highly recommend watching the video tutorials at Sheep and Stitch. Seriously, I’ve watched a gazillion knitting videos before and none of them seemed to make sense to me, but I only had to watch the Sheep and Stitch videos once and soon enough, I’m knitting!

In the dorky photo above (and the ones below), I’m wearing an infinity scarf that was my first somewhat successful knitting project. I followed the Cushy Cowl pattern albeit very loosely because I didn’t have the right kind of yarn. The pattern calls for super bulky yarn. I only had chunky yarn, so I knitted the scarf using two strands of yarn at once. I think it turned up okay, if I say so myself.


I’ve learned that knitting is not as forgiving as crocheting. You make one mistake and your whole work will look like crap. I made plenty of mistakes during the making of the scarf and the result is far from perfect, but eh, we all learn from our mistakes.


I even used circular knitting needles to knit the scarf! We got off on the wrong foot, circular knitting needles and I, and while we’re still not the best of friends, we’ve learned to get along.

I don’t think I’m going to start knitting a sweater any time soon because I still have a lot to learn, but at least now I have the skill to make a Doctor Who scarf the way it’s meant to be made: in knitted form! Yay me!

2 thoughts on “Look Who’s Knitting Now!

    1. It actually looks pretty crappy at the seam because I’m such an amateur but I’d still call it a successful first project. :-) Thanks for teaching me how to knit! I just can’t stop knitting now! It’s so fun!

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