Mario Party 5 vs. Halo 2

I’ve never ever played any videogames in my whole life until a couple of weeks ago when I started playing Mario Party 5 with the boy, for a very silly reason. See, last month I told the boy that I wanted to beat him at Halo 2. Then the boy told me that I needed practice first and that playing Mario Party 5 would prepare me for Halo 2. And I believed him.

Now, I’ve seen the boy playing Halo 2 against one of his friends before. The game wasn’t even remotely close to Mario Party 5. I’m really not sure how I could be good at playing Halo 2 (which is an Xbox game) by playing Mario Party 5 (which is a Gamecube game).

I’ve played Mario Party 5 against the boy for a couple of weeks now and I still haven’t managed to kick his butt. My chance for kicking his butt at Halo 2 seems to be as slim as a sheet of toilet paper.

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  1. I never said it would prepare you Halo 2. I just thought that it would get you use to the controllers and such (even though the Gamecube and XBox controllers are completely different). I also think that you’d enjoy the GameCube games more than any of the loud shooting XBox games.
    And I think you do. 🙂

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