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Me, Rewritten

I spent the whole morning redoing my about page. A big chunk of the time was spent choosing a self-portrait to put there. I had to choose between a blurry photo of me that looks kind of dizzying, a not-so-blurry photo that shows me brushing my teeth and looking scary, and two photos that show only part of me. After long considerations, one of the photos with partial me won the spot. It was an older photo from my first winter taken with my old 3MP camera, which is still one of my favourite self-portraits ever. Plus, the colours in the photo kind of match the blog’s colour scheme.

Rewriting the about page was quite easy. It was pretty much a stream of consciousness writing. Everything just flowed. If there’s anything about me not covered in the about page that you’d like to know, feel free to pose your question through the comment form. As long as it’s not anything embarrassingly personal, I’ll try to answer and maybe add it to the about page.

In other news, I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve removed the links page. I was kind of reminded of the reason I hadn’t had a links page on this site for years. It’s just a pain in the butt to maintain and I don’t even use it since I already have Google Reader to take care of my reading list. So I replaced the link to the links page with a link to the features page where I list other portions of the site that you probably don’t know about, unless you’ve been reading this blog for years.

My photography portfolio site is going to be my next project. I’m still going to use Viewbook for the slideshows but they’ll be embedded to It’s going to be fun!

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