Mind is a Razorblade

A Walk on the Lake
Some Germans prefer trees to family for Christmas. Surprising? Some would say not. And of course there are also people who’d rather skip the whole Christmas thingy altogether.
Think your employer has strict company policy? Well, at least you don’t work for these companies. If I worked for a company that limits two moans per employee, I’d probably get fired after one work day.
It might be old news to some of you, but I’ve never heard of the rumour that Paul McCartney, the ex-Beatle, died in 1966 and was since replaced by a lookalike, until I came across this article: A Myth that Rocks: The Premature Death of Paul McCartney. It makes a pretty interesting and amusing read.

Make your own personal speech bubble a la the web comic diesel sweeties, just because you can! (Link stolen from Phil.)
Most Tetris clones are kind of lame, but Puyo Pop — Sega’s take on the classic game — is actually pretty cool. It’s Tetris with a twist. My best score is 6420.
If you were born in the 70’s, you’re bound to do well in the 80’s Lyrics Quiz. Sure most songs from the 80’s are sucktacular but you have to admit that they’re pretty damn catchy.

4 thoughts on “Mind is a Razorblade

  1. I got an 87.5 on the lyrics quiz… but some of my answers were scored incorrectly, so I think I should have gotten at least a 90.
    That’s kind of embarrassing.

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