Misery Loves Company

I’m miserable when I’m sick. I really am. I’ve been sick since Sunday. It’s just a cold but my body doesn’t take cold virus too lightly. It just has to make me feel like dying. The worst part of it is I’ll more than likely be stuck with the damn virus for at least two weeks. You don’t recover very quickly when you have diabetic tendencies.
Anyway, we didn’t get to make a snowman last weekend because the boy had a cold, but we made it to the monthly book sale in Dunnville on Saturday. I got to pick up some supposedly expensive, seriously nerdy computer books (New Riders and McGraw-Hill/Osborne publications) for 2 dollars each, which made my day. And then we went back to the boy’s parents place and made some Risolles (both meat and vegetarian versions) to bring to the birthday party of one of the boy’s friends that night. The party was fun. We got to hang out with three very cute little kids who really liked balloons.
We received a lot of compliments for the Risolles we made which was said to be a big hit during the party. A friend of the boy — who used to be a chef — even ordered a couple dozens of them. Not sure when we’ll be able to deliver the order, though. Who said I couldn’t cook? Oh wait. I think it was me.
On Sunday, we went to this store in Simcoe that was having a closing/everything-must-go sale and I picked up a couple of t-shirts, one of which cost only 4 dollars. If anything, last weekend was all about good deals (I was going to say that it was all about getting sick since everyone seemed to be down with a cold, but I digress).
And now, back to feeling miserable.

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