Mishmash, Hodgepodge, Whatever

‘Tis a rainy day
Buds turning into fresh leaves
Spring is here to stay.

Remember when I used to post a haiku every day? I’m sure at least a couple of my readers do since they used to guestblog here and had to cover the haiku-writing job. For some reasons, I feel like writing haikus today. Could it be the springtime effect?

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any yummy links lately, it’s because is hating me and won’t post the links here. For the time being, please visit my page for all the linky goodness. I’m still trying to figure out what’s gone wrong between us (me and, that is).

I received two Flickr Pro accounts from Flickr to give away a couple of days ago. I’ve given one away to Troy for being a good boy (see Troy’s Flickr). I haven’t given away the other one to anyone yet, mostly because I’m picky. I’d only give it away to someone who can’t afford a Pro account and whose photographic works I like. I haven’t found that person. Yet.

We’ve decided to start watching a new TV show: Revelations. It’s pretty interesting, and spooky at times. We watch it in order to avoid American Idol. Well, fifteen more minutes of Law and Order and I’m going to bed. TV almost owns me. Almost.

3 thoughts on “Mishmash, Hodgepodge, Whatever

  1. I’ve been searching all over Flickr for someone with great pictures and a free Flickr account. You’d think it would be easy, but it’s not! Everyone with great pictures seems to have a Pro account already…

  2. I know what you mean about the Flickr Pro accounts. I gave one to my sister who I know will use it, but of everyone else on my contact list, either they already have a pro account, or they just view my pictures and don’t post their own.

  3. I cannot afford a Pro account (I’m a recent college graduate on my way to rural Mississippi to teach), and some photos are here:

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