Mmmm, Cream Collon!

Mmmm, Cream Collon!
(Mmmm, Cream Collon!, originally uploaded by firda.)

The boy and I went to the Asian food market in Kitchener yesterday (but not before having a nice lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant) for our weekly Asian food shopping and we picked up a bunch of fun Asian snacks. Our favourite acquisitions are pictured above.

I finished the Japanese Cream Collon in less than 15 minutes because it was wicked good and it came in a snazzy box which says 100% Happy Day inside and some Japanese inscription that I don’t know the meaning of.

Hello Panda is the boy’s favourite snack and it was made in Singapore. It’s just some biscuits with chocolate filling. Not really my favourite but it’s not so bad.

I’ve had Japanese strawberry-flavoured Pocky before but never Thai-made ones. I’m sure it will be just as good as ordinary Pocky as I will find out soon.

Finally, the Sunflower seeds which taste fine to me but not to the boy. On the bag you can find instructions on how to eat the seeds. It’s quite educational.

The Asian food market is definitely one of my favourite places in Canada.

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  1. Those snacks can be found at Hero back home!
    Except the sunflower seed, which I’m not sure.
    The collon biscuit (why the hell they call it Colon?!?!), have different box back home.
    The thai biscuit called Pocky.
    Hello panda looks exactly the same.

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