This and That

Monday Morning Haiku

Afternoon, really
But it’s still morning somewhere
Do we really care?

I swear, the morning just flew by! So, how was your weekend? Mine was okay. On Saturday, we got to do our regular thrifting round in the morning and see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the afternoon, which I wasn’t too impressed with, but at least Chris Evans was pretty to look at, and I didn’t fall asleep like I did when we were seeing The Lego Movie.

Then we went home after having our favourite sesame chicken at a restaurant in Waterloo and I found that I had left one of the very few things I owned that used to belong to my late mum in our hotel room in Niagara, and I ended up crying for hours. :-( It was just a stupid little thing that no one else would care about but it had a great sentimental value to me so I was/still am really sad about losing it.

Kids, never take anything, or anyone, for granted!

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