Morning Snowsquall

So we got a snowsquall this morning. It was fun watching it behind the window at home where it is always summer, thanks to our overly-hardworking heater. But I doubt it is any fun for anyone who has to be out and about in the middle of it. Troy told me in an email that “people are having a tonne of fun driving in and around Toronto” with over 300 accidents this morning. I’d been worried about Troy’s well-being since he had to drive to work in such a crappy weather so I was glad to hear that he got to work in one piece even though he couldn’t drive faster than 60km/hour.
Anyway, if you don’t get snow where you live or if you just want to see a snowsquall, Canadian style, I’ve made a short video of it that you can download (.MOV file, 3.58MB) and watch if you like. If I knew how to edit videos, I would put a note in the last frame that says “Wish you were here!” Heh.

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  1. The snow you had this morning just arrived where I live now. Since I’m further north, near Quebec City, we will have a lot more! 🙂
    It’s definitely fun watching through the window here too. I’ll see how it gets when I go outside in two hours.

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