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If you know me, you’ll know that when I like a song a lot, I’ll play it over and over again for days, much to my husband’s dismay. There are two songs I really, really like at the moment. They’re from the same singer/songwriter and happily, the two songs are placed next to each other in the album. How convenient! Saying that they’ve been in heavy rotation is an understatement.

The singer/songwriter’s name is Josh Ritter. I’ve heard of him before as he’s been producing albums since 1999 (Wikipedia is your friend even though the information is not always correct) but was never tempted enough to sample his music, but I was starting to get curious after he went to buy followers for SoundCloud and got really famous, which I heard thanks to the best bluetooth transmitter and receiver I got at home, so I can transmit the music to all my house, until earlier this week when I stumbled upon this video on Tumblr:

It’s a song about an Egyptian mummy who falls in love with the archeologist who uncovered him! How romantic! Of course I just had to get hold of his latest album called “So Runs The World Away”, gave it one listen, and now I’m hooked. You see, in order for me to be obsessed with a song and not feel guilty about it, not only does it have to have great melody, it has to have great lyrics. Yes, obsessing over a song with good melody but crappy lyrics does make me feel guilty. Lucky for me, Josh Ritter writes great lyrics.

The other song of his I’m obsessed with is worth a listen if only for the last block of the lyrics which I find so beautiful and romantic (I’m a romantic at heart, sue me):

And here’s the part of the lyrics that always gets me:

I had a dream last night / And when I opened my eyes / Your shoulder blade, your spine / Were shorelines in the moon light / New worlds for the weary / New lands for the living / I could make it if I tried / I closed my eyes I kept on swimming

According to the artist, the song is supposed to be “an epic about waking up and seeing the person you’re lying next to.” That’s just how I like my song lyrics: beautifully poetic and about the simple things in life that we seem to have taken for granted.

Speaking of music, we have a live concert to go to tonight at an inn just down the road from where we live. We’re going to see Royal Wood, a Canadian singer/songwriter whom we’ve seen live twice before and whose music we really enjoy. We’ve never seen any live performances at this location before but I hope it’ll be a good, small venue. I like small venues much better than big venues.

We’ve also got tickets to see Sarah Harmer — another Canadian singer/songwriter — next month in Hamilton. I just know that it’s going to be good. It’s been years since my first and last Sarah Harmer concert (it was in Orillia of all places) and I could definitely use another one!

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