My Bakkagerði Dream Home

This is my dream home by the Norwegian sea in Bakkagerði.

Bakkagerði is a hamlet in Borgarfjörður Eystri, in the East Fjords region of Iceland. In the summer time, it’s a hiker’s dream. There are a lot of trails to hike, though they were all still closed for the season when we were there in May.

Winters are likely harsh around here, but I think I’d be fine spending those months just staring out the window, watching the waves roll by from the warmth and comfort of the house.

To get to Bakkagerði, you have to drive through a mountain pass that I think would be closed for traffic for most of the winter months due to the weather, isolating this hamlet from the outside world. And then you have to drive through a gravel road along the ocean and up a cliff where, according to a local folklore, a monster used to attack travellers who passed through after dark.

This cross was erected to commemorate the day they killed the monster.

But the end of the journey is totally worth all the hassles. I’m so in love with the idea of living in this house.

The ocean will be my front yard.

The mountains will be my backyard.

And a short drive away from it is a birding area where you can see these cute guys hanging around, being their goofy selves, in the spring- and summertime.

They are so entertaining to watch that I don’t think I’d mind the lack of movie theatres in this area.

I got good internet connection during our stay in Bakkagerði so I’m sure I’d be able to survive living here. It is completely feasible and sensible for me to live here. Yes, totally!

Oh, who am I kidding! But it’s still nice to dream. 🙂

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