My Bloggies™ Dream

No, my dream is not about winning the Bloggies™. It’s actually a dream I had the night before the New Year’s Eve. In my dream, Nikolai (the guy who started and organised the Bloggies™) finally got tired of organising the awards. Or rather, of people’s negative reactions towards the awards. So he decided to quit, moved out of the state of Michigan, and changed his name so no one could find him.

Fast forward (because I don’t really remember what happened in between), I was in Chicago, IL with Jordan. I was showing him Nikolai’s current residence. It was on the second floor of some shop on a seemingly busy street. And I told him that Nikolai’s name now was Douglas Gunther and that it might have been his real name all along. As we were spying his current residence from across the street, Nikolai left the building. And that’s all I can remember from the dream.

I’ve never been to the States, nor have I met Nikolai or Jordan in real life (though we’ve known each other for as long as I’ve been blogging — six years next month). It’s just that in my mind, New Year means the beginning of the Bloggies™. Just like Valentine’s Day is an excuse for you to be romantic, the Bloggies™ is an excuse for webloggers around the world to shamelessly pimp for votes. While Valentine’s Day only lasts a day, the Bloggies™ lasts at least a week for everyone and a whole month for those lucky enough to make it into the final round. And you don’t even have to pay for anything.

Today is the last day for you to nominate your favourite weblogs for the Bloggies™. I have submitted my nominations, and so have Troy. Have you submitted yours?

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  1. Hi Firda,
    I was too late to nominate anyone for the Bloggies. I didn’t know what they were until yesterday, Jan 11th!
    I did one of your quizzes and I am the most like you so I bookmarked your blog to see if this is possible.
    I read about the woman that was in front of her tv yesterday in the newspaper and how the air conditioner mummified her. Freaky.
    Nice visiting.

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