My Evil Squirrel Face

My Evil Squirrel Face
— from photojunkie

This is how I look when I’m playing Wii Sports Boxing. I look like an evil squirrel. That’s why I always win! If I could make an evil kangaroo face, I think I would kick ass even more. I would knock opponents out with only one punch on the face. Too bad I don’t know how to make a kangaroo face.

5 thoughts on “My Evil Squirrel Face

  1. Those Wiimote covers are all over the place in the States, I believe. A dime a dozen on eBay. In Canada, we’ve only seen them at EB Games and only in pink! We have one of those pink ones (with a matching cover for the nunchuk). The next time Troy goes over to the States, he’s going to have to pick up more of those in different colours (we have four pairs of wiimote/nunchuks). The Wiimote pictured above is not ours.

  2. I haven’t turned on my Wii in over a month… sadly, life keeps getting in the way! But I will get you there eventually! :-)

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