My Humps and Moon River

I haven’t posted anything to my Vox account in ages (I wouldn’t even put a link to it) but today I decided to surf around Vox out of boredom and I came across a post with a video of Alanis Morissette doing a hilarious parody of Black Eyed Peas (horrible) song, “My Humps”:

She doesn’t make the song any better but at least the video is funny. Not to say that the original Black Eyed Peas video is not funny. Just see it for yourself (behind the cut):

At least Alanis meant it to be funny, and it worked, while Black Eyed Peas seem to be trying to look cool, but failed miserably.

Another cool thing I found through Vox is a group called Covers (as in cover songs) where I found this post on the song Moon River — one of my most favourite songs ever (I even sang it to my dying mother) — and its covers. But the coolest part is, I learned from the comment that Moon River is actually in Ontario! The Wikipedia has this to say about the location of Moon River:

The Moon River is a river in west central Ontario, Canada, which flows from Bala Bay on Lake Muskoka and empties into Georgian Bay south of Parry Sound.

It doesn’t mention anything about it being the Moon River from the song, but still, I’m going to have to find that place some time since it’s not really that far away from Troy’s cottage.

Oh the things you found when you were bored!

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    we have the same alanis upload in my blog too. I’m new in blogger, could u teach me how to make this 3 column website, and how to monitize it?
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