My Ideal House

According to Troy, we still haven’t found a house to buy after two weeks of hardcore househunting sessions because my standards are too high. I disagree with that. I don’t think my standards are too high. I just know exactly what I want.

In case you want to see whether my standards are too high or not, these are my ideal house criteria, in no particular order:

  • older than your grandparents, because newer houses seem to be lacking character;
  • detached, because I don’t want to have to share a wall with the neighbour ever again;
  • spacious rooms, because we have way too much crap to accommodate;
  • at least 3 bedrooms, though if the house is exceptionally nice, 2 bedrooms would be fine;
  • good-sized, fenced backyard with mature trees;
  • smells nice/doesn’t smell like death by nicotine;
  • carpet-free, or at least minimum carpeting;
  • large kitchen, so I don’t have to be scared of being in the kitchen with Troy at the same time;
  • a bathroom on the same level with the master bedroom;
  • finished basement, though unfinished one would be fine as long as it can be used for (mostly book) storage;
  • good privacy;
  • porch or deck or sunroom for my plants;
  • gas heating, preferably high-efficiency;
  • newer electrical wiring, i.e. no more fuses, so the house can be easily insured;
  • private driveway;
  • friendly neighbourhood;

Um, I think that’s about all. Since we’re going to be stuck with the house for many years, might as well get one that’s closest to being ideal. I think it’s realistic. What do you think?

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  1. I agree with Missy. My wife and I purchased a great home two years ago. Everything was perfect. Turns out the neighbors are rude and it has changed how we look at our home. Take your time.

  2. Regular reader – first time commenter from Guelph 🙂
    I bought a house last december- ended up being the 2nd one we looked at on the first day of looking but it fit all the criteria my boyfriend and I were looking for. The quick find probably had something to do with my MLS browsing habits though!
    Best of luck!

  3. Our house was the 2nd or 3rd one we looked at in Guelph, on the first day of looking. (Maybe it’s a Guelph thing?)
    We just walked in and a feeling washed over us that us it was was the house for us. It just felt right. We had a reasonable list of demands, but ultimately it came down to a place that we felt comfortable in, and didn’t need a tonne of work.

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