My Mother’s Daughter

Basking in the Sun

My mother always enjoyed spending time with me, but I think, if she was alive, she would enjoy it even more now because we’d have more shared interests than we ever had before she passed away:

  1. Gardening. My mother was an avid gardener. No plants could die under her supervision. I could never be as good at gardening as she was, but I try.
  2. Sewing. One of my favourite memories is of me falling asleep on her bed while she was sitting and sewing beside me. She sewed everything by hand!
  3. Mid-century modern furniture. I grew up in a house full of mid-century modern furniture. I believe my mother picked our pieces of furniture. She got great taste.
  4. Doctor Who. My mother watched the show when she was living in England in the 60s. She’d make Doctor Who references every now and then that I wished I’d understood, but I never watched any Doctor Who until I got to Canada.
  5. Do-it-yourself projects. My mother always said that if you want anything done right, you do it yourself. It was her mantra and it’s become mine, too.
  6. The colour green. But I don’t think she’d approve of the shades of green I picked for our living room walls. Too bright for her taste.

Oh, we’d have so much to talk about.

I miss her.

2 thoughts on “My Mother’s Daughter

  1. Hi Firda, I read this posting yesterday then today I went to public library nearby our house.. what a surprise when I browsed looking for DVD to borrow, I found Doctor Who serial, your mama's fav.. so I guess if you are curious about it you should be able to get it from you local public library..

  2. The thing is, I'm not sure I want to watch the 1960 version of Doctor Who because the special effects would be even more laughable than the recent versions! :D Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the recent versions but the special effects are still pretty bad! Thanks for the thought, though. That was very nice of you. :)

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