Naughty or Nice?

First Shot

Early in December, we went to a family gathering type thing and I saw a wall spread showing a happy-looking Santa Claus in a forest surrounded by animals such as deers, a fox, some birds, some bunnies and a grizzly bear. The first thing that crossed my mind upon seeing it was which one of them was eaten by the grizzly bear first and I came to a sad conclusion that it was probably Santa since the animals should be able to leave the spot faster than he could, especially since his sleigh was nowhere to be seen.

If Santa thought I was a bad girl for having that thought (and probably even more so for not being a Christian), then at least Troy and his family still loved me because they gave me a bunch of presents for Christmas. I got a new lens and books and clothings and books and winter boots and books and a photo album and chocolates (both the eating and the drinking kinds) and an infra-red electric back massager and a jade plant and more cameras for my collection and Ticket to Ride Europe board game (highly recommended) and gift certificates to Henry’s (a photography store) and some other little things I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Seriously, with that amount of presents, I couldn’t have been a bad girl. ;)

7 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice?

  1. im glad to find another Indonesian blogger who have a great site and blog and damn… you won awards for your site!
    I bet you are nice… if not… kenapa dapet banyak hadiah, iya gak?

  2. you posted a blog about the nineties program who am i? i have just seen the analyses i did wayback then, but i cannot find the program. your link doesnt work, please could you send me it? or at least a working link
    By the way, i like your blod

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