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New Specs and Jayne Cobb’s Hat

So I got new specs! It’s frame #5 (see this post) with the same, old prescription. The optometrist didn’t find any changes in my eyes, and, unlike the last time two years ago, he didn’t mention anything about glaucoma. Maybe it’s disappeared, maybe I never had it in the first place. Who knows. I don’t even need bifocals yet, so yay to my eyes for doing great! I need to keep eating a lot of carrots.

Here’s a picture of me wearing the new specs:

my new specs

Please ignore the fact that the thing didn’t sit right on my nose. It’s been two days since I got it and I still need to adjust it several times a day just so it sits right. I’ll get it right eventually. In case you’ve been so distracted by the huge pores on my nose and missed it, I’m not great at modelling anything.

That hat I’m wearing in the picture is supposed to be a Jayne Cobb’s hat, except it’s crocheted instead of knitted because I don’t know how to knit. Jayne Cobb, to the uninitiated, is the badass guy from the Joss Whedon’s tragically cancelled TV show “Firefly”. Let’s take a look at the following image for comparison:

hers and his

As you can see, mine is a pretty poor imitation. Even the yarn colours are not right. But I was only using thrifted yarns I had in my stash to make it and those were all I got that remotely resemble the authentic colours. Also, I really should’ve crocheted more rounds with the yellow yarn because the way it is, the hat has too much orange. Oh well. Version 2.0 will be better. If there’s ever a version 2.0.

In case you’re interested in crocheting one for yourself, I used this pattern to make the hat, followed this video to make the ear flaps, and followed this tutorial to make the pom-pom.

I did make a few adjustments. I crocheted a few extra rounds with the orange yarn, folded up three rounds to imitate the ribbed edge and stitched it around with a plastic needle. I also crocheted the ear flaps separately and attached them to the hat later. I just found it easier. Making the pom-pom was the biggest pain in the butt but only because I didn’t have a sharp pair of scissors handy. And there you have it!

I shall end this post with a delighfully goofy song about Jayne’s hat:

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