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Newfoundland Trip and Giveaway Winner!

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We haven’t gone on a trip outside Ontario since our trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba in February 2008 (Winnipeg! In winter!) so I’ve been super excited about our upcoming trip to Newfoundland, especially since we booked the flights this past Thursday. The trip is not until late this spring but WestJet was having a sale and the flights we wanted were roughly half price. Might as well get them. Also, it helped us decide when we’d like to leave. We weren’t sure before. We only knew it was going to be some time in June, but now we have dates. Progress!

I’ve been trying to decide whether to spend more time in Gros Morne National Park or in L’Anse aux Meadows. Both places sound just as exciting. One has fjords, the other has icebergs. Really, how do I decide? I just hope that we’ll be lucky enough to have some good weather while we’re there. From what I heard, the weather in Newfoundland is unpredictable at best. I don’t really mind some fog. It looks nice in pictures. Just as long as it’s not so thick that you can’t see a big moose crossing the road. That wouldn’t be good. And Newfoundland has a lot of moose!

I’ve been so busy doing research relating to our Newfoundland trip that I almost forgot to blog. I would’ve let this week pass without a blog entry if I weren’t trying to stick with my Operation Blog Revival mission. That and I need to announce the winner of my 11th blogiversary giveaway! Without further ado, the winner is… Dave2 of Blogography! Yay! I’ve won a couple of awesome things from Blogography blogiversary giveaways in the past so I’m happy to see the generator thingy picked his number. Congrats, Dave! I’ll be in touch with you. And thanks to all the commenters to my blogiversary post for your participation. Stick around, there might be another giveaway next year and it might be YOUR lucky day. ;)

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