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I’ve been trying to redesign my weblog for months now but I still haven’t come up with a design that I really like, so I thought I’d just try to improve the existing design and add some elements that I’d like in a new design into it.

The most noticeable addition would be the quicklink type thing. Some of you might remember that I used to post links to this weblog through I stopped because I was getting frustrated with the flakiness of their server which often ruined my blogging mood. Plus, I always felt pressured to post a certain amount of links per day. The pressure didn’t come from you, mind you. It was from myself. Sometimes I’d spend hours searching the web for links to post just to fulfill my personal quota. After awhile, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

Now with this new interface, I’ve made a rule for myself not to search purposefully for links to post but instead just post links that I happen to come across while I’m browsing around and that I find worth sharing. I’m all for no-pressure blogging now! It should keep blogging fun for me.
Another addition to the design (though it’s more like a change than an addition) is more Flickr thumbnails in the sidebar. It used to be two thumbnails at a time. Now it’s nine. The thumbnail layout looks fine to me in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and IE6, but for some reasons it looks unstyled in Mozilla Firefox on Troy’s computer. Please let me know how it looks to you and what browser you’re using.

I still have yet to combine the link RSS feed with the existing feed. I haven’t found a non-intimidating way to do it. I know I could use a third-party website to combine the feeds, but I’d rather do it here on-site. If you happen to know a simple way to do it, feel free to share it with me. For your information, the feeds I’d like to combine are from two MT-powered blogs.

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  1. While I am mixed on the use of or quick links in general, I must say that your page is definitely one of the more soothing pages to read. The soft hues are a pleasure on the eyes. “Weblog Wannabe”. Why do you still have that title? I would definitely endorse this site as a “weblog”. No need for the wannabe.

  2. It’s a nice looking blog for sure, although I haven’t browsed your posts much. I thought I’d tell you what strikes me most in different browsers.
    I see a nice nine picture square in Netscape and Flock (!) but I get two rows in Firefox and IE. Funny thing is that in Firefox they have pink borders, with blue ones in IE. Hope this helps.
    I’ll be exploring your blog first now. Cheers!

  3. (damn spammers…)
    You can use MultiBlog to combine the entries from two weblogs into one template. It’s quite a nice plugin, actually.
    I keep meaning to get around to combining my link entries into my main feed too.

  4. Neil: Damn spammers indeed. They usually only spam old entries.
    Thanks for the link. I’m thinking either to use that one or the Sitewide RSS. Both are equally intimidating, but I’ll try to be brave and just do it one way or another…
    Derek: My weblog has been a wannabe for more than 6 years. It’s hard to change. 🙂

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