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Wednesday Morning Haiku

One nice, long post’s gone
Gone with the silly Windows
As it crashed (and burned?)

And I don’t feel like writing it all over again. I’m feeling so blah. I always feel blah the first day I get back to work after a long holiday. Even the fact that I can get online, now that I’m back to work doesn’t make me feel better. I just want to be home and online :( Anyway, please expect less posts than usual until I get my home computer fixed. Hopefully sometime next week things will be back to normal again and I can be the good, old blogging machine that you all knew and loved again :)

Meanwhile, why don’t you nominate my weblog for the 2001 Bloggies award? ;) It can go to the “best Asian weblog” (yep, this weblog is just as Asian as the weblogger :), “best tagline of a weblog” (“trying hard to be like yours” is pretty original, don’t you think? ;), “most humorous weblog” (if you think I’m funny, which I doubt), “best blogger-powered weblog” (hey, it’s only a suggestion!), “best new weblog” (I did start blogging in 2000, you know), and *gasp* “weblog of the year” (if you feel generous enough) categories. That definitely will make me feel better :)

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