Not a TV Junkie. Or Am I in Denial?

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So, what are the TV shows you’re looking forward to the most this fall? I’m only looking forward to Lost and Grey’s Anatomy. Sure I watch more than just two shows but I’ve taken shows like Law & Order and CSI for granted. They always return.
I don’t think I’m a TV junkie because I don’t care about missing any of the shows I watch. If I missed it then I missed it. I won’t try downloading the episode I missed from a torrent site or anything. Even if I learned later that a main character in the show was killed in the episode I missed, I’d just acknowledge it and that’s about it.
That might not apply for Lost and Grey’s Anatomy, though. But I might be wrong. I mean, if Troy didn’t try so hard to keep up with those two shows by taping it if we know we’re going to miss it or download it if we missed it without taping it, I probably wouldn’t care either.
TV has never been a big part of my life. Before the Internet, I’d rather spend my time daydreaming about the day when I made my escape than watching TV. And once I got an Internet connection at home, I’d rather be online than watching TV. That still applies today.
Bottom line is, I’m not a TV junkie because TV doesn’t rule my life. I won’t adjust my life to fit TV timetable. But then again, I rarely can remember when the TV shows I watch are on and on what channel.
No, scratch that. I’m not a TV junkie because remembering the showtimes and all the channels is simply Too. Much. Work.

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  1. My “Must See” list right now consists of (in no particular order) Prison Break, The Office, Lost, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, and Scrubs.
    I’m also looking forward to Gilmore Girls, and I’m interested in Heroes and Six Degrees (J.J. Abrams’ new show). I caught the premiere of Kidnapped and it also seems pretty high-quality.
    I’ve also been enjoying Eureka, Psych, and Monk.

  2. Oh, by the way, I totally agree with your last two paragraphs. Fortunately, the internet makes TV schedules totally irrelevant, which means I watch TV only on my own schedule. I don’t even know what channel some of my favorite shows are on.

  3. Heroes looks like it might be interesting. I’ve never heard of Six Degrees before but it sounds interesting as well. Not sure if any Canadian TV stations will syndicate it, though. I hope they will.

  4. Watching TV can be great, but I’m Sooooo! sick of repeats. They advertise new episodes but end up being repeats. For all the money the TV stations make you would think they could afford to keep the new episodes on until the end of the season. (not cut them off halfway through.)

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