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Danger due to [fill in the blank]. Use your imagination.

What a linklogger to do when is down? Get panic, of course. But I’ve got over it. Finally.

Did a bit of Christmas shopping this past weekend. I wouldn’t advise you to shop for CDs and DVDs at Best Buy. Their pricing is outrageous.

Speaking of shopping, have you ever been to any of these top 10 bookshops? The next time we go to Toronto, I’ll try to talk Troy into taking me to This Ain’t The Rosedale Library.

Another photo from the same location for context. Not getting any snow where you live? Buy some Instant Snow! Either that or just come over here to Canada where the snow is aplenty and free.

If you feel like listening to some cover songs, check out the Toadsuck Symphony. They have three songs in MP3 format available for free download. Their songs made me smile. Yes, it’s bluegrass. And no, it’s not bad.

If it’s not really your cup of tea, River by Allison Crowe might be. It’s a cover of the Joni Mitchell song. I love it.

If it’s still not your cup of tea, try the Garden Song by Dave Mallett. When we were on our honeymoon in Nova Scotia, we went to a local ceilidh and this was one of the songs they played. It’s such a cute song.

And what’s an entry without a link to a silly game? So here’s yet another version of a game by Eyezmaze that we all know and love: Grow Ornament, just in time for Christmas. Enjoy!

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  1. I got a decent price on the new Metric album at Best Buy, although it was annoying, as the copies I saw were all labelled $14.99, it rang up at $12.99, but online at it’s $11.99. I told the clerk I saw it online for $11.99 and she changed it right away.
    I think I saw you outside the HMV, but was in my own little shopping bubble and did not say hello. Sorry about that!

  2. Well, we were looking for this particular CD (a Christmas gift) and it was $21.99 at Best Buy. Didn’t pick it up. Decided to go to Future Shop instead and found it being sold for only $13.99. I mean, if the difference was only a couple of dollars, I would count it as normal, but $8? It’s crazy!
    I didn’t see you there (we did go to HMV). But had we seen each other, I would’ve at least waved. 🙂

  3. I think Future Shop is pretty good for newer albums. I think that is where the got the new Metric album for 12.99 or something like that. Good album. Not as good as the first one.

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