This and That

Not So Windy Today

Wednesday Morning Haiku

It’s cloudy out there
Just like any other day
Cloudy and windy.

Only this morning is less in windy department. Not that I mind. The wind always gets me into a coughing fit. It’s still kind of cold, though. But maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I’m going to redesign MetaFirda today. It’s just so damned ugly. It didn’t look as ugly back then but now I really can’t bear looking at it for more than 10 seconds at most. It really ruins my secret mission to beautify the web. Ha. But now I need to, um, recharge my energy first. I’m getting sick of the phrase “taking the medicines”. “Recharging my energy” is the phrase I use to replace it for the time being until I come up with a better phrase.

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