Nothing Too Exciting

Lovely Day

Not being a conventional picture-taker, I feel like a big weirdo when I’m out and about shooting with some film cameras that look nothing like modern-time digital cameras. I said “like a big weirdo” because I already feel like a weirdo just by being me. That’s why I rarely go out to shoot alone. I have to take Troy with me because he looks somewhat normal and I’m hoping he somehow neutralizes my weirdness, or at least makes me look a little less weird. Why I care about what some strangers think of me, I have no idea.

I bought two African violets yesterday because they were on sale for $1.49 each at the grocery store across the street. I’ve had one African violet before the addition. I’ve had it for a little over a year and it’s been a really good plant, blooming every now and then. I thought I could adopt a couple more. I read that your age is measured by the number of African violets you have and that you should only have one African Violet for every decade you’ve been alive. I have three. I’m good.

You know it’s PMS-time when you feel blah for no apparent reasons.

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