Odd Dream

Last night I dreamed that it was the early morning of my birthday and I was trying out a telescope I got as a birthday present from Troy outside. The telescope looked more like a PDA than a telescope, i.e. you pointed it upwards and you’d see a planetary image on the screen. I was rather disappointed in the dream because I’d wanted an old skool telescope, but in real life, I would really love to have that kind of telescope if it really exists.

Anyway, as I was trying out the telescope, suddenly the sky lighted up and there was aurora borealis! And not only that, there was a rainbow, too! It was awesome. I ran to the apartment to get my camera, but once I got my camera and I was ready to take a picture, the aurora had already subsided. The rainbow lingered, though. Don’t ask me how you could see a rainbow when it was dark outside. Like I said, it was just a dream.

“Happy birthday to me…”

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  1. Better late than never. Happy Birthday to you, Firda! I’d love to have that telescope too. πŸ˜‰

  2. Beka dearest… Have a Very Happy Birthday … may the future brings you all the best things in store.

  3. Happy Birthday, Firda!
    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for one of those telescopes, because I too, would love to have one!
    Ah, technology!

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