Off to the Cottage We Go!


Troy and I are going to spend this long weekend up at the cottage, just the two of us. Sadly, I didn’t manage to sell the idea of driving up to Ottawa this weekend so I had to make some plans for day trips instead. We’re going to drive to Parry Sound and then around the Muskoka area one day and then go for our pilgrimage to Quebec for poutine on another day. Hopefully we’ll make it to Quebec for real this time, unlike the last time.

I’ll take some pretty pictures for you for sure. Now I just need to decide which ones of our hundreds of cameras to bring. That’s always the hardest part. So many cameras, so few rolls of film. Anyway, I hope you all will have a good weekend. I’ll see you again next week. Toodles!

3 thoughts on “Off to the Cottage We Go!

  1. We were in the Parry sound area this weekend too. Up at a new cottage our friends parents bought recently. It was a drearyish overcast weekend, but nice for sitting around by the fireplace reading and playing with chainsaws and axes….

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