Oh the Randomness!

Today is your last chance to nominate your favourite blogs in the Fifth Annual Weblog Awards a.k.a. the Bloggies. The boy has casted his votes last week and, being a good boyfriend that he is, he nominated me in a couple categories. Of course I’m going to wait until the last minute to cast mine.

I don’t know what kind of movie Bright Young Things is, but its Splendidiser has made my weblog somewhat more interesting to read. Don’t you agree?

Oh, I keep forgetting to blog about it, but since December 24 last year, I’ve had a Flickr Pro account, which was a gift from Caroline (Flickr). She was one of the first webloggers to give me a linkylove when I just started blogging 5 years ago. Those were the good old days indeed.

Anyone interested in getting a Gmail account? I have 10 invites to give away. Just send a request by email to grrrrl[at]gmail.com (replace [at] with @, you know the drill). They seem to be giving away tonnes of invites to the current users lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go public anytime soon.

And now I’m going to stop rambling and start preparing the kitchen for my first attempt at cooking Pad Thai, or at least my bastardised version of it. Look forward for a picture of the final result!

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