OMG, An Update!

So, uh, I let my domain expired because I could never remember the expiration date. Hence the downtime. And I’m redesigning. Hence the lack of update of late. I know I missed the CSS Reboot, but whatever. At least I didn’t miss the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. The photos from the day is in this photoset. And this is the best photo of the roll which I submitted to the WWPD site:

The Grist Mill

Cool, eh? Who needs a neutral density filter when you have a pinhole camera. The pinhole camera I used to take this picture is an old (50+ years old) Brownie Hawkeye camera (non-flash version) with the lens and shutter removed and replaced with a pinhole made of a piece of tinfoil. I love that camera. Will have to shoot with it more often.

Now back to redesigning.

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  1. Hey…I was there yesterday! There wasn’t as much water though. And yes, pinhole cameras are so cool. I made one in grade 9. =P

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